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write for us

At afterclinichours, we are here to write, create and deliver original, quality content that will help look after our health, well-being and planet. At the core of what we do, we create content to answer the question: what does it mean to be well? If this sounds exciting to you, we would love to hear from you!

We are also thrilled to receive your emails on powerful personal experiences with health and well-being, or practical tips and advice that only comes from real experience. If you have something exceptional to share with the community, please reach out to us.

Guest Article Submission Guidelines:

  • Please submit your article in your email (copy & paste the text into the body of the email). Try not to send us attachments if you can!
  • Be sure to cite credible sources for scientific claims mentioned in your piece.
  • Be sure this is an original piece of work submitted to afterclinichours, not something you have published elsewhere.
  • Do include a brief author bio in third person, highlighting your personality quirks and credentials (education degree, certifications, awards, any publications you have written for).

Please email us at hello@afterclinichours.com.

Thank you for your submission in advance — we read every email but because we are a small team, we may not be able to respond to every submission. If your article has been accepted, we will respond within 10 working days.

Are you a medical, health or wellness expert?

If you are, we’d love to welcome you to ach commune — a collective of like-minded professionals who are here to expand the wellness conversation.

Think: doctors, fitness trainers, health experts, yoga teachers, nutritionists, changemakers, entrepreneurs, chefs, authors, leaders in your field… If you are passionate about making a difference and helping the community with your knowledge, please write in to us at afterclinichours@gmail.com. We’d love to connect with you!