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Wisdom tooth extraction and surgery costs in Singapore – what would my total bill look like?

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Wisdom teeth growth, typically occurring when you are aged between 18 to 26 years old, is a finnicky thing. If you’re lucky, they grow out normally in an upright position. However, more often than not, they don’t. They might erupt partially, sideways or in ways that impact your other teeth or makes it hard to be cleaned.

different types of wisdom teeth complications which causes damages to nearby molars, cysts, crowding and infection
4 different types of complications from impacted wisdom teeth.

Since wisdom teeth area is located right at the back of your jaw, it’s usually not easy to clean thoroughly. Overtime, if the wisdom teeth area is not cleaned properly, it may cause the gum to become infected and/or the teeth in that area to decay. In such cases, it is also important to get the wisdom tooth removed to maintain your overall gum and teeth health.

As you can see, wisdom tooth extraction or surgery is an extremely common procedure in Singapore. If you are looking to have your wisdom tooth removed, you may be interested to read our previous article – The Complete Guide to Wisdom Tooth Extraction and Surgery in Singapore – so that you go for your procedure prepared!

In this guide to wisdom teeth extraction costs, we will be covering on the cost and explain exactly what you are paying for. We’ll also be providing a total bill breakdown you can expect for your wisdom tooth surgery in Singapore.

“In general, how much is it to have my wisdom tooth extracted in Singapore?”

The cost for your wisdom tooth extraction can range widely depending on how complex your wisdom tooth operation is diagnosed to be. The two main factors which affect the complexity of your op are:

  • Position of your wisdom tooth. If the tooth has fully emerged from the gum, a simple extraction would suffice. However, if the tooth is partially submerged in gum tissue or fully buried in bone, this will require a surgical removal which may involve incisions into the gum or drilling into the jaw bone.
  • Shape and size of your wisdom tooth. If your tooth happens to be overly large or have irregular root shape, it’s harder to extract and may then require surgical extraction.

Your dentist will let you know during the consultation if your wisdom tooth can be removed by simply extracting it, or if surgical removal is needed.

In this way, we can broadly classify wisdom tooth operation into two types with differing costs accordingly:

1. Wisdom tooth extraction. This method is much simpler and generally costs between $250 to $800, depending on which dentist you pick.

2. Wisdom tooth surgery. This method is much more complex as your dentist may need to cut through gum tissue and/or bone to remove the wisdom tooth. To surgically remove a wisdom tooth, it will cost between $400 to $2,200, depending on which dentist you pick.

“Should I see a GP dentist or specialist dentist for my wisdom tooth op?”

GP dentists treat general oral health such as fillings, simple tooth extractions, decayed teeth and more. In general, GP dentists are trained in wisdom teeth procedures. However, a word of caution. There is a wide variation in skillset for GP dentists and you will need to do your due diligence on how experienced that particular GP dentist is with regards to wisdom tooth operations per se. A good GP dentist will refer you to their specialist colleagues if your wisdom tooth case is considered as complex and difficult.

To become a specialist dentist, the doctor has to undergo an additional two to four years of post-doctoral training with a focus in a particular dental field. Thus, a specialist dentist is usually better equipped at handling complex wisdom teeth removals due to more experience and training.

For wisdom teeth extraction and surgery, an oral maxillofacial specialist is the most trained and qualified to do complex wisdom tooth extractions. Other treatments they specialize in are dental implants, bone grafting etc.

“How do the costs differ to see a GP dentist vs specialist dentist for my wisdom teeth extraction?”

The most affordable option would be to see a GP dentist from public hospitals and polyclinics such as National Dental Centre, Singhealth and National Healthcare Group (NHG) polyclinics. Dental consultations with a GP dentist there will cost from $14.10 (subsidized, for elderly Singapore citizens only) to $60. You should bear in mind that there will be a longer waiting time if you opt for the public route.

You may also see a GP dentist from affordable dental clinic chains such as Q & M Dental, Unity Dentalcare, Healthway Dental Group etc just to name a few. Dental consultations with a dentist there should cost you $60 to $100. Also, it should be rather convenient and quick to get an appointment.

However, if your wisdom tooth case is a complex one, you may want to opt to see a specialist dentist – in particular, an oral maxillofacial surgeon (OMS) – to extract your wisdom tooth for you. These specialists are usually in private practice. The cost of consultation with a specialist dentist in private practice will cost $80 to $160. The price depends on the dentist’s expertise and pricing. It’s also fast and fuss-free as the front desk staff are usually able to give you an appointment quickly.

As for wisdom tooth operation fees, the cost of removing one wisdom tooth is about $1,200 to $2,200 to see a specialist dentist in private practice and $400 to $900 to see a GP dentist in public hospitals, polyclinics or affordable dental chains.

Here is the cost breakdown summarized in table format:

Public hospitals and polyclinicsAffordable dental clinic chainsSpecialist dental clinics
Consultation for wisdom tooth extraction$14.10 - $50$60 - $90$80 - $160
Average cost of wisdom tooth extraction (per tooth)$250 - $400$250 - $600$600 - $800
Average cost of wisdom tooth surgery (per tooth) $600 - $800$400 - $900$1,200 - $2,200

“Are there other miscellaneous costs?”

Apart from the consultation and surgery fees, there are also these costs that could possibly be added to your total wisdom tooth operation bill:

1. X-ray: This is usually mandatory for wisdom teeth extraction and costs about $100.

2. CT Scan: This is possibly required if the X-ray shows that the wisdom tooth is positioned near a nerve. A CT-scan costs $300 to $400 on average.

3. General anesthesia: Wisdom teeth extraction in general is done under local anesthesia, i.e. injecting the gum area with numbing agents. The cost of local anesthesia is already factored in, which means you do not have to fork out extra money for it. However, if you are terrified and want to opt for general anesthesia instead (i.e. to be unconscious during surgery), it will cost an additional $800 to hire an anesthetist to administer the sedation and be present throughout your wisdom tooth procedure.

“Is my wisdom teeth operation Medisave-claimable?”

The good news is yes, wisdom teeth removal is Medisave-claimable in general. You may claim up to $350 per tooth for wisdom tooth extraction. And up to $1,250 per tooth for wisdom tooth surgery (surgically removed).

Most dental clinics are attuned to processing your Medisave claims for you. Just let them know and they will help you submit the paper work necessary. So, don’t worry about how to go about doing your Medisave claims! However, do confirm with the clinic prior to your procedure to see if they are adept with Medisave claims.

“What will my total bill look like for my wisdom tooth extraction or surgery in Singapore?”

For wisdom tooth extraction:

If you opt to see a GP dentist in a public hospital, polyclinic or one of the affordable dental chains, you may be able to claim Medisave in full for the procedure and only pay for the consultation and X-ray fee which amount to $140 on average.

If you see a dental specialist in private practice, you can expect the total cost of wisdom tooth extraction to be $380 on average, after Medisave claims.

For wisdom tooth surgery:

If you opt to see a GP dentist in general, you may also be able to claim your wisdom tooth surgery cost in full with Medisave and only pay for consultation and X-ray which would amount to $140.

If you see a dental specialist in private practice, expect the total bill to be $680 after Medisave claims.

We hope this comprehensive cost guide helped with wrapping your head around the costs of wisdom tooth extraction in Singapore! Do check out our other article about our personal experience with wisdom teeth surgery as well!

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