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What to do with leftover oranges.

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So Chinese New Year is almost over and we’ve accumulated lots of oranges from bai nian, where well wishes are given to friends and family in the form of these ripe, golden oranges.

Alas, oranges do not have a long shelf life. In fact, some of ours have already started going bad, growing some of those fuzzy, moldy stuff. Unless you’re a squirrel who eats oranges only, it’s just impossible to consume so many oranges within these few weeks of the Lunar New Year festivities.

What do we do with these overripe oranges on the brink of going bad? We decided to put them to good use. Starting by peeling ‘em.

Boosting immunity with oranges

Oranges are all but bursting with Vitamin C. They also contain lots of antioxidants, flavanones that can boost immunity, brain health and stave off inflammation.

Eating a single orange alone already meets our daily Vitamin C dietary requirements and also gives us 4.4g of fiber, a fifth of our daily recommended fiber intake.

But did you know — eating too many oranges though, can mess with our digestion, cause bloating, abdominal cramps and even diarrhea. Consuming too much fiber, especially without enough water, can cause gastrointestinal distress. This is why people with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) are recommended to avoid eating oranges altogether.

Clever, easy ways to use up all your oranges

1. Make an orange jam or drizzle

Mixing orange and honey into a jam can be a handy thing to have in the home — spread it over breakfast toasts, drizzle it over cakes, use it as sauce for a baked salmon meal, or add it to cocktails for a sweet and citrusy zest. And it is SO unbelievably simple to make you can do it in probably under five minutes.

How to make:

Peel three oranges out of its the skin, separate the flesh from the sac. In a saucepan, tear the orange flesh into pieces and place them on the pan. Then, add the ginger, honey and water and mix well. Bring the entire mixture to a boil, and then simmer for 30 minutes. Let cool to room temperature first before storing it in a jar in the fridge.


  • 3 oranges
  • ½ cup ginger, or 9 slices of ginger
  • ¾ cup honey
  • 6 cups water

If you are a born masterchef, feel free to also check out this article featuring 90 orange recipes that will probably keep you very busy.

2. Make a refreshing orange body scrub

Step out of the bath with the refreshing, invigorating scent of oranges lingering on damp skin. This super easy homemade body scrub will fast become your go-to exfoliating scrub, leaving your skin looking and feeling softer and smoother.

How to make:

Combine the coconut oil, raw sugar and the zest of an orange in a bowl. Mix well and use it as an exfoliant on your skin. Store product for up to 2 weeks at room temperature.


  • ¾ cup coconut oil
  • 3 cup raw sugar
  • 3 medium orange

3. Clean your home with an orange multi-purpose cleaner

Homemade, natural cleaning liquids are the best since there’s absolutely no use of chemicals or other nasties. That way, you don’t have to worry about the cleaning solution harming your skin if it gets onto your hands.

How to make:

Fill a 500ml glass jar halfway with orange peels, add a sprig of rosemary and then pour white vinegar to cover the peels. Let it marinade and sit for two weeks. When it’s ready, mix 1 cup of the orange vinegar with 4 cups water into a spray bottle to clean anything in the home — from kitchen countertops to floors and windows.

4. Use orange peels to clean your pots, pans and kettle

Boil the orange rinds in your kettle, pot or pan you’d like to clean, especially crockery with burnt stuff that’s impossibly stuck on it. Let the boiled orange-infused water sit in there for an hour, and then use the peels as scrubbers to wash the pan and watch all that grime slide right off!

5. Deodorize your refrigerator with orange peels

Orange peels can clear up any odours in the fridge (pungent, raw garlicky smells, anyone?). You can either fill the orange peels with some salt or simply just use the orange peels by themselves. Then, tuck the peels away behind at the back of every shelf in the fridge. Leave it in for a week to let it work its citrusy magic.

And there you have it! With these simple and useful hacks you now have on hand, you’ll never waste another orange again. Not even the peels.

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