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Calming our minds at the first wellness retreat in Singapore at Shangri-La Orchard

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Escape to a tropical sanctuary to nourish your mind and body | Photo: Pandemos

Take a break from the daily grind and step into tropical paradise. That’s what Pandemos — an experience-led, lifestyle company — invited us to do last week.

When we arrived at Shangri-La Orchard, we immediately felt like we were stepping into a tropical sanctuary. Although the hotel is located in town, its sprawling premises are tucked away from the crowds and the city centre in a private, serene setting.

Specially curated by three friends, Cecilia, Vernon and Michelle, the wellness retreat is the first of its kind here in Singapore. Pandemos, Greek word for common to all the people, was born to bring people from all walks of life together via holistic experiences.

Think: sunrise yoga, breathwork, movement and sound therapy — all rolled into one luxurious, pampering staycay — designed to focus on your personal well-being.

Open Heart Flow with Cecilia | Photo: Pandemos

The retreat programme starts with Open Heart Flow, where guests were asked to choose a word to represent what they wanted to focus on in their life before starting their evening yoga practice to cultivate mindfulness. Combining breath and movement, the flow was meant to be invigorating and reflective as we kickstart the mini wellness retreat.

Photo: Shangri-La Singapore

Day 2 begins with Rise and Flow — an energising, sunrise vinyasa to warm up the mind and body involving a series of sun salutations. Guests also enjoy breakfast at the exclusive Summit Lounge with local and international selection of ala carte and buffet. Veuve Clicquot Champage, cocktails, wines, coffee and beverages are also available throughout the day for guests to enjoy at any time.

The day also opens up to a full schedule of movement classes comprising a backbending workshop, boxing/HIIT class and handstand inversions workshop.

Day 2: A full schedule of yoga and movement classes begin | Photo: After Clinic Hours
Open up your heart with in the classic full backbending Wheel Pose | Photo: After Clinic Hours
Conquer your fears with this handstand workshop | Photo: Pandemos
Get ready to smash 2021 in this heart-pumping boxing HIIT class | Photo: Pandemos

Locally-inspired afternoon tea was also served in the Valley Wing Lobby while evening canapes and a selection of cheese were served in the evenings. As guests start to wind down for the day, the day closes with a calming, night time Tibetan singing bowl therapy.

The sound vibration balances the brain frequency and allows for deep relaxation of both the left and right brain. It also helps release any negative emotions, toxins and stress and completely relax the body physically and mentally.

An ancient ritual of relaxation | Photo: Pandemos

On the last day of the wellness retreat, rising early and going for an early morning hip-opening workshop is a beautiful way to release all physical and emotional tension and close the 3D2N wellness retreat.

Opening up the hips and lengthening tight hamstrings | Photo: After Clinic Hours
Awaken your hip flexors and core | Photo: Pandemos
Step out of the retreat refreshed and invigorated | Photo: After Clinic Hours

We could definitely get used to going for wellness retreats here in our city, and discover private sanctuaries and green environments that can help soothe and calm our minds in a world that is anything but.

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