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Spoil Mum with these wellness gifts for Mothers’ Day 2021

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Photo: Pantler

Mothers’ Day is nearly here and it’s high time we started planning how to pamper the maternal figures in our lives. Because we all know, Mum deserves the best. She’s always there when you need her — to lend you a listening ear or make a hot meal whenever you’re hungry.

Mums are always taking care of everyone, often sacrificing their own needs in the process. Come May 9, they deserve to sit back and be utterly spoiled for once. It’s also the perfect opportunity to show your love and appreciation for all that she’s done for you. This Mothers’ Day, we’ve compiled some of the best wellness gifts for the queen in your life.

1. Fresh bakes from a local bakery

Photo: Mother Dough

Let Mum wake up to the smell of tantalizing handcrafted bakes and desserts — freshly baked by a local bakery. There’s nothing like food to bond people together. Gathering round the table with your loved ones to have breakfast is one of the simplest joys in life, especially if you’re having good food!

Take your pick from a plethora of home bakers that have sprouted up in Singapore to order Mum’s favorite bakes and desserts. We’d recommend this Pear Galette from Mother Dough Bakery though.

Think pears poached in earl grey tea, almond cream, toasted hazelnuts and rye galette crust. Served in a 10” x 6” tray, $40. It’s a yummy yet healthful treat for the whole fam. Don’t forget to order some of their crusty sourdough baguette or warm buttery sourdough croissant.

Order early here.

2. Eat celebratory Mothers’ Day cake

Mothers’ Day Pistachio Fraiser | Photo: Pantler

Order Mum’s favorite dessert, because what’s a celebration without cake? This pastel pink strawberry cake from Pantler made up of Chitose strawberries and pistachio cream will be sure to delight Mum. Opt for cakes and desserts that are made using fresh fruits and ingredients — and aren’t made of sinful, artificial food colorings and flavorings.

Photo: Pantler

If Mum’s a dessert lover, order up an assortment of cakes for a mini hi-tea sesh at home fit for royalty. Don’t miss out on their signature Yatsura — a glossy chocolate cake comprising hazelnut dacquoise, smooth dark chocolate mousse and crunchy hazelnut feuilettine.

Order early here.

3. A pretty bouquet of preserved flowers with a nostalgic framed photo, from Dawn Q Flowers x Joi

Photo: @dawnqflowers

Take a classic bouquet of flowers that says “I love you” to the next level with a personalized photo of your favorite moment with Mum. These flowers from Dawn Q Flowers are dried, preserved flowers that would stand the test of time and not wither sadly in a few days’ time. The photo frames from Joi are custom made locally too — both would double up as beautiful home décor.

Personalise it even more with a caption on photo border | Photo: Joi

Use promo code DAWNQXJOI for 10% off all photo frame and preserved flowers bundle.

Order here.

4. Wine subscription, from Winemason

Wines from New Era Vineyard | Photo: Wine Masons

If Mum loves to indulge in a good red from time to time, why not order an artisanal wine subscription for her and get it delivered straight to her doorsteps?

Besides, red wine is rich in sirtuins and natural polyphenols — which are associated with promoting heart health and lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease in many medical studies. It’s also rich in antioxidants, reducing the risk of hypertension.

Pamper Mum with a Winemasons subscription — comprising exclusive wines from small batch quality producers from Australia. For example, it carries wines from New Era Vineyard, a family owned vineyard and winery located in Adelaide Hills.

Take your pick of reds, whites or a mixture of both when you purchase a wine subscription. Opt for a monthly subscription of three bottles, $145; six bottles for $265; and twelve bottles for $480.

Order here.

5. Vertical Gardening System, Aerosprings

Grow herbs indoors | Photo: Aerospring Gardens
… or outdoors in your backyard! | Photo: Aerospring Gardens

For Mums who loves gardening and tending to her plants, overcome the challenges of growing finnicky herbs with the Vertical Gardening System from Aerospring Gardens.

Equipped with an automated hydroponic system, it allows the right conditions for herbs and veggies like basil, kale, tomatoes etc to grow and flourish. It also introduces more oxygen into the roots, which helps accelerates growth and improves yield of the plants. So Mum can have the edible garden of her dreams — right from home.

Two options: choose either the Aerospring Garden Standard, 9 sections of 27 plants, $600 or 12 sections of 36 plants, $780.

Purchase on Aerospring Gardens.

6. Air purifier, from Botanicaire

Photo: Botanicare

The air we breathe today around us is not clean. It’s filled with tiny, micro particles such as dust mites, pollen, smoke, gases, fungi, microbes, bacteria — and viruses. And then there’s VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from cleaning agents, adhesives etc that also pollutes our air quality.

Like air-purifying plants, the Botanicaire Air Detoxifier actually purifies the air using nature: special bacteria known as nuvoc microbes help remove indoor air contaminants. Prices start from $158.

Purchase via Botanicare.

7. Paper vases with fresh blooms, from The Weekend Florist

In the spirit of recycling and reusing, keep your plastic bottles and reuse them as flower vases — just slot these paper vases over and voila! — we have a pretty plant pot to gift Mum.

Made of waterproof paper that’s handsewn, these quirky Paper Vases, $45 are full of character and would also double up as beautiful home décor that would delight Mum. Each paper vase also comes with a complimentary sprig of fresh flowers.

Purchase on The Weekend Florist here. 

8. Sleep by Headspace

Photo: Headspace

If Mum’s the sort who stresses easily, suffers from periodic insomnia but is relatively tech-savvy, Sleep by Headspace may be just the thing she needs in her life.

Promising to put your mind to bed, the Sleep by Headspace app comprises 500+ relaxing bedtime stories, calming music tracks, wind-down exercises and other resources to help Mum get the best sleep ever.

There’s a 30% off the Headspace annual subscription right now. Snuggle up for US$48.99 (U.P. US$69.99).

Purchase online here; try for the first 14 days free.

9. Coffee tasting and subscription, from The Mak’s Coffee

If Mum’s a coffee addict and can’t do without her daily cuppa, delight her with a trip to The Maks’ Coffee’s tasting room for a coffee tasting session, $45 per pax. She’d get to sample coffee brewed with her choice of coffee beans — and redeem coffee products to take home.

Or get her the Makspresso Gift Set, $115 — made up of 14 boxes of coffee capsules — perfectly wrapped up and ready for gifting. And the best thing? Unlike Nespresso capsules, these ones are made of certified, fully compostable material so that Mum can enjoy a fresh cuppa consciously.

Book here. By appointment only; opens Monday to Friday, 10am to 3pm.

It’s time to think outside the brunch this Mothers’ Day 2021 and get Mum a gift that really shows how much you care about her well-being. And how grateful you are for the woman who does it all — your biggest cheerleader, pillar of strength, head of the family, best babysitter, confidante… and the list goes on.

Wishing all you amazing mamas a very Happy Mothers’ Day!

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