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12 organic food delivery services in Singapore (2020)

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Organic food delivery in Singapore is definitely a rising trend, with health concerns and sustainability issues at the forefront. While it’s said that food grown naturally with organic farming tastes better and are more nutritious, they are not scientific facts.

The best thing about organic produce in our opinion? Naturally grown food, with no chemical pesticides and no artificial fertilisers. With organic food, we can be sure we’re not ingesting chemicals while we’re eating our greens.

Thankfully, even in these Covid-19 times, organic food can be whisked right to your doorstep with these organic food delivery services in Singapore. Some of these even have fast delivery times, a wide range of produce and affordable pricing – just take your pick!

1. Little Farms

Photo via @littlefarms

You might find Little Farms familiar – they have physical stores and even a cafe at River Valley. It serves up goods mostly sourced from Australia, air-freighted regularly for maximum freshness.

The establishment also serves bread – they have an-in house bakery – and go far beyond veggies. Think avocados, sourdough bread and acai tubs for truly Instagrammable yet nutritional meals. Those with dietary restrictions can also filter by gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan categories on-site for extra fuss-free shopping.

Delivery fees: Free for purchases above $100. Else, $14.98 otherwise.

Delivery time: Orders before 11am for same-day delivery.

Little Farms Website

2. Zenxin Organic

Photo via Zenxin Organic Food Malaysia

One of the longer established players in the organic food scene, Zenxin Organic, offers a huge selection of over 100 types of fresh produce and dry goods. They have a wholesale centre at Pasir Panjang, their own farm in Malaysia and even supply to NTUC and Cold Storage! That means the same organic veggies for cheaper when you order directly versus picking them at the supermarket.

But what’ll really give you bang for your buck are their veggie boxes. These family-friendly boxes come in two sizes (small $35, large $65) and are packed with a generous assortment of leafy greens, stems, seeds, roots and fruits – all freshly picked based on the season. Just the thing if you want to ensure the fam gets their vitamins, or if you want to make a quick salad or stir-fry.

Promo: Use promo code ach15zx for 15% off your order, with min. spend of $50. Valid till Aug 31, 2020.

Delivery fees: Free for purchases above $150.

Delivery time: Orders from 8.30am – 6.30pm will be delivered next day 11am – 6pm.

Zenxin Organic Website

3. Supernature

Photo via @supernatureorganic

Part of the COMO group, Supernature has grown to become one of Singapore’s leading suppliers of organic food. Not only do they have fresh and frozen meats and vegetables, they also have supplements, a kids and babies range as well as natural household and beauty products to help you lead the whole organic lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Those with dietary preferences can celebrate – they have gluten-free, egg-free, and dairy-free products too. If you want fresh fruits and veggies, opt for their Farm Boxes which are delivered fresh weekly. These come in varieties such as Asian, Supergreens, Juice and Baby for folks who want to make sure their little ones are getting max nutrition.

Delivery fees: Free for purchases above $120. Free for purchases above $100 if you’re a member.

Delivery time: Orders before 2pm will be delivered next day 10am-6pm.

Supernature Website

4. Quanfa Organic

Photo via @qforganic

Those who prefer to #supportlocal can be reassured that you’re supporting homegrown farms when you order from Quanfa Organic. This is literally farm-to-table – you’ll get freshly picked produce from the farm at Lim Chu Kang delivered right to your doorstep.

They offer all kinds of veggies – leafy, hardy, sprouts – plus fruits, mushrooms, tofu and even organic condiments. And if you want produce beyond our shores, they also have an imported organic range that includes Japanese pumpkins and Australian carrots. These vary depending on season.

Delivery fees: Free for purchases above $60.

Delivery time: On Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays in the afternoon.

Quanfa Organic Website

5. BestOrganicFood

Photo via BestOrganicFood

With a name like BestOrganicFood, you’d have high expectations of this retailer. And it doesn’t disappoint with a stunning range of over 60 fruit and vegetable varieties from Australia, US and Malaysia.

These include all sorts of leafy greens, mushrooms, melons, gourds and even a whole baby vegetable range that comprise pint-sized corn, sweet potato leaf, kai lan, asparagus and red brinjal. It also bests many organic stores in terms of the price tag, with free delivery for a reasonable minimum purchase of $35. That’s a lifesaver if you don’t cook much but want to add some greens to your diet.

Promo: Quote ACH10 for 10% off your order with min spend of $40.

Delivery fees: Free for purchases above $50. Else, $8 otherwise.

Delivery time: Monday to Friday from 2pm-6pm.

BestOrganicFood Website

6. Opentaste

If you want options, Opentaste will leave you pretty much spoilt for choice. They are an online platform which sources fresh organic food from over 200 farms in Asia, Europe, Australia and the US. That means you can shop and filter by farms on the site, if you’d like, making it easier to keep track of your favourite organic suppliers.

Photo via @opentaste.sg

A pro tip here is to buy your fruit, veg, meat or even wine and dairy in bulk. Don’t fret about having a small household that can’t finish them – the portions can be as manageable as 3 blueberry punnets or 2 fillets of chicken breast!

Delivery fees: $4.95 for purchases above $75, $6.95 for purchases under $75. Premium members get free delivery on all orders above $49.

Delivery time: Most deliver in 36 hours. Some farms offer same-day delivery.

Opentaste Website

7. Straits Market

Photo via @straitsmarketsingapore

If you wanna know where your food comes from and if it’s produced ethically, keep Straits Market on your list. The online store prides itself on curating quality farm-to-table produce that adheres to the highest standards, and besides your veggies, they also offer hormone and antibiotic-free fish and meats.

Take your pick from wild Alaskan salmon, organic premium beef from Australia, Tuscan kale and blackberries from New Zealand. Currently, there’s even a section dedicated to vegetables imported from Spain!

Promo: Quote AfterClinicHours10% for 10% off your orders and free shipping.

Delivery fees: Free for purchases above $150.

Delivery time: On Tuesdays & Fridays, daily delivery for selected items.

Straits Market Website

8. The Green Girl

Photo via @thegreengirlsg

With its produce airflown from curated farms in France, The Green Girl boasts unique European produce that isn’t easily found in Singapore. Think organic Burlat cherries and Heirloom tomatoes instead of the usual kangkong. Their taste and freshness isn’t compromised either, as your order is immediately shipped to your home the moment it reaches Singapore.

You can opt for a pre-arranged mix of seasonal fruits and veggies in their quality boxes, for example a 6kg one that feeds 2-3 people. These comprise of exotic greens and fruits such as Jerusalem artichokes, clementines and blood oranges – perfect for whipping up a gourmet meal.

Delivery fees: $15 for all purchases.

Delivery time: Order by Monday night and box will be delivered on Saturday 4pm-7pm.

The Green Girl Website

9. SG Organic

Photo via @sgorganic

Say Australian produce, and immediately visions of lush farmlands packed with fruits and veggies come to mind. SG Organic might be a familiar name to those of us who’ve been to Down Under then, where all produce is airflown from Aussie and is delivered to you ASAP within 2-3 days after harvest.

With categories like salad, kitchen, juicing and more, you’ll be able to find everything from superfood salad mixes, to organic cacao powder to cereal oats. But what’s especially popular are their fruit and veggie boxes – these can often be found at a discount and are well-loved by juicers for their vibrant flavours.

Delivery fees: $10 for all purchases.

Delivery time: Mondays & Thursday 7pm-10pm, Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays 10am-1pm.

SG Organic Website

10. ShiokFarm

Photo via @shiokfarm_organic_goodness

Always found organic food pricey? ShiokFarm might have found the solution to solve that. Founded by French expat Claire Chabrieres, Shiok Farm has the philosophy of creating a partnership between farmers and buyers for a fair period of time, say six months. This allows farmers to have the added security of income and translates to better prices for consumers.

Instead of the usual boxes, ShiokFarm delivers their organic produce to you weekly in bags that range from 3-7kg. These even include paleo and pure-fruit options, as well as Premium bags with products like berries, avocados and broccoli.

Promo: Use promo code AfterClinicHours and get half a kilo of organic strawberries FREE when you subscribe to any ShiokFarm weekly bags. Offer valid until Aug 31, 2020.

Delivery fees: $45/month for bags. Delivery cost of other products included in price.

Delivery time: On Tuesday afternoon or early evening weekly.

ShiokFarm Website

11. Green Circle Eco Farm

Photo via Green Circle Eco Farm

If your cooking veers towards Asian cuisine, you can get suitable veggies from GreenCircle, which has Asian greens grown locally at Lim Chu Kang. This eco-farm prides itself on having super fresh veggies, with harvesting done in mornings and delivery immediately after.

They also have one of the most affordable delivery fees around – $8 per delivery – so if you’re looking for specific vegetables like ladies fingers, watercress, rose cactus, herbs or even fruits, you can go a la carte (min order $30). Else, get a veggie box ($30/$50 for various sizes) if you prefer variety.

Delivery fees: $8 flat for all orders.

Delivery time: On Thursdays and Fridays only.

Green Circle Eco Farm Website

12. PomeFresh

Photo via @pomefresh

Derived from “Pour Me Fresh” — a testament to their emphasis on fresh food close to nature — PomeFresh was born from the founder’s own personal experience of realising the importance of nutrition after neglecting health due to a busy career.

The brand offers a range of whole foods, whole grain and organic foods sourced from around the world. We especially love their organic chia seed, quinoa and oatmeal packs which makes for a healthy breakfast, as well as the soup and noodles range for comfort food without the guilt. Their 100% organic juices are also a best-seller!

Promo: Use promo code aftclinic$6 for $6 off all orders, valid till Aug 9, 2020. For the first 20 orders only.

Delivery fees: Varies, will be shown upon check out. Selected items have free delivery.

Delivery time:  Orders before 10am will be delivered generally on the next day.

PomeFresh Website

With these organic food delivery options in Singapore, we really have no excuse for eating produce which might contain harmful chemicals. Besides, organic foods are often fresher since they don’t last long artificially and have no help from chemical preservatives. They also exert a kinder footprint on Mother Earth as well.

With the convenience of these organic food delivery services, why — we wouldn’t be surprised if going organic is the way of the future!

P.S. If you have a favorite organic food delivery brand that was not listed here, let us know in the comments below 🙂

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