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Mothers’ Day Food Guide in Singapore (2020): What foodie type is Mum?

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Mothers’ Day looks a whole lot different this year.

No restaurant celebrations or at home get-togethers even, if you’re married and not living in the same household. Well, take it upon yourself to cheer her up and surprise her with something completely different – and make it a Mothers’ Day for her to remember fondly about and talk about in years to come!

I don’t know about you, but ever since Covid, food seems to be the main source of comfort everyone is turning to. Artisanal coffee, café brunches, freshly baked cupcakes… We’re so used to getting whatever we want whenever we want. Now that we can’t, it now feels like a treat – especially when its hand-delivered by your loved ones that you miss dearly!

So we say, screw expensive gifts this year, because the best gift your Mum would appreciate right now? Good food and your company appearance. Since you may not be able to stay and celebrate with her due to the extended lockdown we’re experiencing in Singapore, let’s go with good food hand-delivered by yours truly, shall we?

Also, you can bet that food delivery schedules will be swarmed islandwide come Mothers’ Day. In fact, many of the café and restaurants pre-orders for Sunday 10th of May are already closed, probably due to the lack of manpower and surge in demand.

If you’re last minute like us, don’t fret – we’ve got just the thing for you. Here we’ve compiled the 8 best Mothers’ Day foodie treats for the different types of mums:

1. The Breakfast-in-Bed Mum

Image credit: P.S. Cafe

Ring the doorbell at 10 a.m. to deliver breakfast from P.S. cafe so that Mum can enjoy breakfast in bed – as if she ordered room service. We’d recommend the Impossible Slider ($9.00) with a PS. Caesar Salad ($25.69). Top if off with a side of the PS. truffle shoestring fries ($17.67). And of course, we can’t miss the signature sticky date pudding ($16.05) – which I completely swear by.

Price: Depends on your order.

Ordering and discounts (if any): Order by phonecall. There’s a 20% discount for self-pick up at outlets such Great World, Harding, Palais and Martin 38.

2. The Pancake Obsessed Mum

Image credit: @defectedmelody via Clinton Street Baking Company

There’s nothing like comfort food during a pandemic, and what serves up more comfort than a good ol’ plate of fluffy pancakes topped with blueberries?

We’d recommend Clinton Street Baking’s pancakes with warm maple butter with a choice of blueberries, banana walnut or chocolate chunks. Just typing this is making our mouths water. They also have the savory pancake option – crispy potato pancakes (rosti) with smoked salmon, salmon roe caviar and sour cream.

Price: $19 for the pancakes with warm maple butter; $20 for the potato pancake alternative

Ordering and discounts (if any): Order by phonecall. Take 20% discount off all takeaways. Yay. Free island-wide delivery applies with $50 minimum spend.

3. The Best of Both Worlds Mum: Sweet & Savory

Image credit: @chewwwie via Earlybird

Sweet and savory – the best of both worlds. For lovers of all things sweet and savory combined or those who just want it all, this pancakes and fried chicken brunch combo may be the answer. Topped with maple syrup, the crispy fried chicken whets your appetite while fluffy pancakes sit at the bottom waiting to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Local café Earlybird is having a bundle deal for this mouthwatering combination and a cup of specialty coffee (hot or iced). There are other options available as well: Salmon, avocado and quinoa bowl, Tom Yum Prawn Pasta and Truffle Bacon & Mushroom Pasta.

Price: $38 for 2 pax bundle (2 mains + 2 specialty coffees); $68 for 4 pax bundle (4 mains + 4 specialty coffees)

Ordering and discounts (if any): Order by phonecall or whatsapp. Bundle deal details above.

4. The Domestic Goddess Mum

If your Mum’s the sort who whips up perfect meals in her kitchen, she’d appreciate a good home-cooked meal without her having to move a leg. But if it’s your first forage into the kitchen, it’s definitely risky – after all, how can your culinary skills measure up to Mum the domestic goddess?

The folks at SPRMRKT have just the solution: meal kits. Prepped, seasoned and all ready for you to cook it – all you have to do is pop it in the oven. There’s a choice of seafood, chicken or fish, and each meal kit comes with Kimchi Dip and Flaxseed Crackers, Chicken Fingers and Spaghetti Pomodoro.

Image credit: SPRMRKT

Price: Choose from these SPRMRKT DIY meal kits: Seafood Fest ($420++), Baked Truffle Chicken kit ($165++) and the Baked Seabream kit ($165++). Islandwide delivery is also available for $10, in case you need that option.

Ordering and discounts (if any): Order by whatsapp or phonecall. No discounts for the Mothers’ Day meal kits (above) sadly, but if there’s 15% off their menu items when you order directly with them.

5. The Asian “Tiger” Mum

Image credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

If Mum’s the sort to love Asian oriental food, you’re in luck – Shangri La’s Mothers’ Day feast comprises classic dishes like DIY Popiah set, ngoh hiang, fried vermicelli with seafood, Nonya dishes like Nonya Chap Chye or Nonya Chicken Curry and Singaporean classic desserts like Cheng Tng or Pulut Hitam. Every set comes with a small Mothers’ Day cake, specially for Mum. You can even add on a bouquet of flowers to make Mum swoon further.

Price: $88/$$118 for a 3 – 4 pax set, $148/$198 for a 6 – 8 pax set

Ordering and discounts (if any): Order before 6 May to enjoy 20% discount.

6. The High Tea Mum

Image credit: Regent Hotel, Singapore

Leisurely afternoon teas that your mum absolutely adore is still possible – all in the comfort of the home. Regent Hotel Tea Lounge’s high tea set comprises freshly baked buttery scones with clotted cream, savory focaccia    sandwiches, dainty treats like smoked salmon on squid ink macaroon, roasted angus beef on rye bread, spinach and cheddar quiche and sweets like rose cupcakes and red berries shortbread tower. There’s also a choice of Gryphon Luxury Teas.

Price: $82 for a 2 pax afternoon tea set; $163 for a 4 pax afternoon tea set. Islandwide delivery is free for orders above $100.

Ordering and discounts (if any): Order via Regent’s website.

7. The Classic Romantic Mum

Image credit: Janice Wong Singapore

These exquisite chocolates from Janice Wong are mini art pieces full of happy colors that would be sure to delight the romantics. Each chocolate piece is infused with vibrant colors that are all natural from real food like beetroot, spirulina, safflower, apple, lemon and blackcurrant.

This Mothers’ Day, they teamed up with local florist Fiore Dorato to launch this special box of 9 heart-shaped chocolates surrounded by lush, fresh blooms all around, aimed at the very heartstrings of your mum. The chocolate comes in 9 flavors: Salted Caramel, Yuzu, Milk Chocolate, Jasmine Milk Tea, Buckwheat soba cha, Kaffir Lime Caramel, Genmaicha, Strawberry Shortbread, Chilli Padi.

Price: $128.40, for a 20 x 20 cm box of 9 pieces of chocolate and fresh flowers. Delivery is free above $80.

Ordering and discounts (if any): Order directly at Janice Wong’s website. 

8. The Toast Lover Mum

Image credit: Amber Ember

Amber Ember specializes in jaffles, a pressed brioche (French yeasted bread baked with egg and butter) toasties in cast iron.

From melted cheesy brioche toasties with caramelized onions and salad like Cheesus Loves You ($14) to meat toasties alternative Nice to Meat You ($15) comprising beef pepperoni, pork chorizo, pastrami, mozzarella, chipotle mayo served with poached egg, salsa and salad, these toasted breads filled with cheesy goodness take a different spin on the usual traditional toast Mum is used to (think: Toastbox). Order up a burnt cheesecake ($6) while you’re at it as an added bonus for Mum to enjoy.

There are also waffle alternatives available, with different renditions such as lemon curd, nut butter and cinnamon.

Price: Depends on what you order. They provide delivery service at $5 with min order $30, for selected neighbourhoods within a 10km radius, but you can whatsapp them to check if they can deliver to your place.

Ordering and discounts (if any): Order online or by whatsapp. There’s also 20% off all self pick-ups.

Here’s wishing all loving mothers a Happy Mothers’ Day in Singapore and good health always x

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