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Double eyelid surgery in Singapore: All about that fold

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beautiful woman with deep double eyelid that accentuate the eyes

To some, double eyelids are just an inconsequential fold above the eye; but to others, these are highly coveted tapered folds that people have spent entire lives yearning for. Judging from the number of these surgeries carried out locally, the desire to own that perfect pair of double eyelids is real.

woman with double eyelid, something that many females dream off
Double eyelids – the holy grail of every mono lidded female

Medically known as blepharoplasty, double eyelid surgery in Singapore is often done to create permanent double eye lid folds to brighten and accentuate the eyes, also reducing the need for eye make-up. The double eyelid craze is not just limited to Singapore, but to the whole of Asia. Yes, Asian blepharoplasty is now a thing.

Eyes are one of the most prominent parts of your face and often the very first thing people look at. It’s no wonder that so many Singaporean females would kill to have a pair of gorgeous, deep-seated double eyelids that would add depth and soul to any doe-eyed look.

“Can I get the double eyelids I want without going for surgery?”

Double eyelid tape stash as a temporary solution for those who wants double eyelids
Double eyelid tape stash

So many female friends I know who have mono eyelids or multiple eyelid creases use options like double eyelid tape and eyelid glue. Double eyelid tape or glue can be used to create a temporary crease and fold in the eyelid that helps achieve the desired look. In general, eyelid glue is harder to use and takes more time because you have to wait for the glue to dry (somewhat like applying stick-on eyelash falsies).

However, having to stick on tape or glue on your eyelids on a daily basis can be quite tiresome and be warned: it is addictive. Just like eyelash extensions, you would get used to how pretty your eyes look with the double eyelids (or fluttery long eyelashes, for that matter). Before you know it, it’s a step you can’t skip.

Also, double eyelid tapes or glue can become undone quite easily as you work through your day. Especially so, if you have oily eyelids. Imagine having your double eyelid tape becomes undone during an important meeting…Quite a nightmare isn’t it?

picture showing ptosis, which is a condition where our eyelid muscles gets weaker, thus making it harder to open our eyes.

And that’s not all. The biggest con is that prolonged use of these eyelid tapes and glue can cause a condition called droopy eyelid or ptosis, which can result in your eyes appearing tired, saggy and droopy. This can make you look more tired and sad looking in general, which you definitely don’t want!

“Okay… Should I go for double eyelid surgery then?”

If having permanent double eyelids is something you definitely want, then surgery is the only way, as with all cosmetic procedures. In general, double eyelid surgery is a relatively simple and straightforward procedure.

Double Eyelid Surgery Infographics
Double Eyelid Surgery Infographics

Possible disappointments and risks of double eyelid surgery commonly include placement of the double eyelid fold (either too low or too high). Other textbook risks will include bleeding, infection or vision problems, but we were told that these cases happen very rarely.

If you decide to opt for double eyelid surgery, you will need to have an in-depth consultation with your surgeon. Be sure to tell your doctor how and where exactly you want the fold to be. Do show pictures as examples of what are your dream double eyelids so that he/she can recreate it for you! You will have to find a surgeon that you’re comfortable with and someone who understands your specific eyelid preference.

Different type of eyelid shapes that double eyelid surgery can achieve. A tapered eyelid or parallel eyelid
Generally, you will need to choose between either a tapered crease (more natural look) or a parallel crease (a more dramatic and obvious look).

“How is double eyelid surgery done?”

Woman with a eyelid fold drawn as a guide for surgery
Creating that perfect upper eyelid fold

There are essentially two main methods to achieve double eyelids:

  1. Stitching (also known as non-incisional suture blepharoplasty)
  2. Cutting

“#1. The Stitching Method”

Double eyelid surgery steps using stitching method
Main steps of a double eyelid surgery using non-incisional method (stitching method)

After, your surgeon will apply a local anesthetic to your eyelids. Then, the doctor will make a row of six sutures or stitches on your upper eyelid. These stitches would create bonds between the deep tissue and eyelid skin, resulting in the formation of an entire upper eyelid fold.

Double eyelid surgery via the stitching method takes a total of 20 to 30 minutes under local anesthesia. The pros are that it is scarless and full recovery is relatively quicker compared to the cutting method. Full recovery is estimated at two to ten days of rest. During recovery, it mostly involves using a cold compress to reduce the mild swelling.

Another pro is that you can have a revision procedure to easily adjust the eyelid line if you don’t like the height or look of your eyelid fold.

The con of this method is that there is a tiny chance that your double eyelids may not be lasting as unlike the cutting method where a permanent incision line is cut. It is possible for the stitches to get undone over time.

If you are the type with heavy eyelids, have too much excess skin on your eyelids or have an existing condition of droopy eyelids, then you may not be a suitable candidate for the stitching method. As such, you may be better off opting for the cutting technique instead.

“#2. The Incision/Cutting Method”

Double eyelid surgery steps using incision or cutting method
Main steps of a double eyelid surgery using incisional method (cutting method)

The cutting method basically an incision in the upper eyelid skin, creating a permanent cut line which will be your double eyelid.

For the cutting method, there will be more trauma and thus will translate into a longer recovery time. Downtime is usually takes about two to three weeks. There will be more swelling and bruising as compared to the stitching method. So, if your eyelids look swollen or bloated during the recovery time, do not worry. Full recovery will take about one to two months for your double eyelids to look au naturel. After that, go ahead to apply your eye make-up to achieve that amazing smoky-eyed look that you’ve always wanted!

Asian woman doing make up and looking confident with double eyelid
Eye make up will be game-changing with your new set of double eyelids

This method allows the surgeon to also do other procedures concurrently such as: enlarge the size of your eyes, remove excess fat or skin from your eye area and change the shape of your eyes.

“What do I have to take note of post double eyelid surgery?”

Your recovery process basically comprises cold compress, and more cold compress! Icing is key to reduce the swelling and bruising. Also keep your eye area clean, especially the lids, which means no make-up at the eye area until you recover.

Also avoid going to dirty and dusty places that may get dirt trapped in your wound and cause an infection. A tip is to wear protective shades or glasses to protect your lids from irritation whenever you are outdoors.

You should also avoid wearing contact lenses or other activities that may overstretch or cause irritation to your eyelid wound.

“How much is double eyelid surgery in Singapore?”

The cost of double eyelid surgery really depends on private clinic that you go to as charges do differ. In Singapore, double eyelid surgery ranges from $2,800 to $4,000 for the stitching method and $3,600 to $6,000 for the cutting method. If you’re really interested making your double eyelid dreams come true, read this article here on the cost of double eyelid surgery in Singapore.

“Will my double eyelids last forever?”

For your double eyelids to last forever, your eyelids have to form a scar tissue between the skin and muscle, this will result in permanent double eyelids, which is almost guaranteed with the cutting method.

For the stitching method, whether your double eyelids are permanent will rely entirely on the sutures made during surgery. Again, if you already have excess fat or skin on your eyelids, the stitching method is likely to not last. In this case, you may want to consider the cutting method instead.

As with all cosmetic procedures, it’s important to choose a surgeon that you trust and feel comfortable with.

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