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Double eyelid surgery in Singapore: 21 FAQs You Must Know

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Double eyelid surgery in Singapore is one of the most popular aesthetic procedures here and for good reason: only about half of Asians are born with double eyelids, with the rest being monolidded. Many Chinese, Japanese and Korean women are born without a visible eyelid crease above their lash line and many of them are flocking towards double eyelid surgery to help them achieve beautiful, Western-looking eyes.

Also known as East Asian blepharoplasty, double eyelid surgery has become a widely accepted procedure in Singapore and Asia alike. Today, having large eyes and pretty double eyelids to frame them has become so entrenched in Asian beauty standards as well as celebrity culture. Fan Bing Bing, Angelababy and Yoon Eun Hye – just to name a few – are celebrities who have reportedly underwent double eyelid surgery.

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In this article, we cover 21 common questions asked about double eyelid surgery in Singapore.

1. Why do people get double eyelid surgery done?

A majority of people get double eyelid surgery done because they don’t like their monolids or how their eyes look. Many celebrities have gone for double eyelid surgery because they felt that their single eyelids gave them a fierce look. Creating that coveted mid-eyelid fold can help soften and enhance the eyes and provide the perfect canvas for beautiful eye make-up.

Double eyelid surgery is also a solution for a medical condition called ptosis (pronounced toe-sis), also known as droopy eyelids. In severe cases of ptosis, the eyelids can descend over the pupil so much that it hinders the line of sight. The only way to treat this is via ptosis surgery

Nowadays, double eyelid surgery is not only limited to the monolidded. Some of us also go for the surgery for various other reasons:

  • To shape imbalanced double eyelids so that the eyes are more symmetrical (for e.g. only one of your eyes have a double eyelid, or one of your eyes sport strange triple eyelids)
  • To deepen the double eyelid crease
  • To remove fat from the eyelids to reduce the appearance of puffiness
  • To get livelier eyes that do not look so sleepy or tired

2. What are the different eyelid types?

There are eight types of eyelids in general:

  • Single eyelids (monolids)
  • Double eyelids
  • Non-continuous crease
  • Partial crease
  • Multiple creases
  • Tapered double eyelids
  • Parallel double eyelids
  • Caucasian eyelids

3. Can I get double eyelids without going for double eyelid surgery?

Double eyelid tape stash

You can create your own double eyelids temporarily with options like double eyelid tape and eyelid glue. However, it is considerably cumbersome and takes up time for application daily. Another con of double eyelid tape and glue is that it can become undone throughout the day, especially if you have oily eyelids. Prolonged tugging and pulling at your eyelids can also cause saggy, droopy eyelids as your eyelid muscle becomes less responsive than before.

4. What is double eyelid surgery?

Two main types of double eyelid surgery in Singapore

There are two main types of double eyelid surgery in Singapore: the stitching method and the cutting method.

Stitching blepharoplasty, as its name suggests, involves stitching your eyelids. These stitches form a fairly permanent bond between the eyelid skin and deep tissue, and when combined, create a defined double eyelid crease. Double eyelid stitching is also known as non-incisional double eyelid surgery or scarless double eyelid surgery in Singapore.

Incisional double eyelid surgery involves a continuous cut on the eyelid along the eyelid skin and muscle to create the desired double eyelid fold. The cutting method allows the plastic surgeon to remove eyelid fat or surrounding fat around the eye which can be instrumental in reshaping the eye into a more elegant, almond shape.

5. How is stitching double eyelid surgery done?

The suture technique in double eyelid surgery is scarless and has a shorter downtime. Your plastic surgeon first takes careful measurements and marks your eyelids to pinpoint the exact location of your double eyelid fold. Anesthesia is then injected into the eyelids. Instead of an incision, sutures are stitched through the eyelids and pulled to tighten, resulting in a double eyelid crease. These sutures will remain hidden underneath the eyelid skin, so downtime is minimal.

The stitching method is less invasive and is usually done for younger patients who are below 35 years old, have relatively thin skin around their eyes, do not have much eyelid fat nor saggy eyelid skin.

6. How is incisional double eyelid surgery done?

The incisional or cutting technique in double eyelid surgery uses tiny incisions on the eyelid skin to create a fold. Similarly, your plastic surgeon first measures and marks your eyelids to locate the exact spot of your double eyelid fold. Anesthesia is then injected into the eyelids. Once the eyelid is sliced open, the surgeon removes fat tissue under the eyelid. The cut is then closed and sewed back with open stitches and these sutures have to be removed in 4 to 5 days. Open double eyelid surgery takes about 60 minutes.

The cutting method in double eyelid surgery is more invasive and is usually done for older patients above 35 years old with saggy eyelid skin, thicker skin around the eye and those with eyelid fat.

7. Can double eyelid surgery make my eyes bigger?

Double eyelid surgery can enhance the look and shape of your eyes, giving the appearance of the coveted large doe-eyed look. It is not uncommon to pair the cutting blepharoplasty procedure with another procedure called epicanthoplasty, which cuts the inner corner of the eye to enlarge the eyes and make them bigger.

8. How long does double eyelid surgery take?

In general, the entire process of stitching double eyelid surgery takes about 30 minutes while cutting double eyelid surgery takes about 60 minutes.

9. Am I put to sleep during double eyelid surgery?

It is not necessary to be fully sedated, although you can also opt for General Anesthesia (GA) and be put to sleep if you are squeamish. Typically, double eyelid surgery is done under local anesthesia injected into the upper eyelids. 

10. How long does double eyelid surgery take to heal?

The recovery process for double eyelid surgery can differ a lot based on the type of double eyelid surgery.

The downtime for stitching or closed double eyelid surgery is about 3 to 7 days, mainly because the swelling takes some time to subside. Sutures are hidden under the eyelid skin so they are not obvious. Many prefer this method as they can start enjoying their enhanced looks just after a week.

The downtime for open double eyelid surgery is 3 to 6 months as the open cut and stitches on the eyelids can be quite obvious for a few months. Expect more swelling also as eyelid fat is usually removed.

11. So… which type of double eyelid surgery in Singapore should I choose?

You will need to undergo a personal consultation with your selected plastic surgeon in Singapore and he will guide you on which method of double eyelid surgery suits you, depending on your personal preferences. It’s like a heart-to-heart chat to allow your doctor to understand your concerns about your eyelids, why you want to have double eyelid surgery done and what are your desired outcomes.

Many plastic surgeons in Singapore also conduct simulations with wire-like tools to show you exactly how you’ll look with different double eyelid heights and different eyelid folds (tapered or parallel). Be very wary if your doctor skips this step and does not go through your options with you.

Generally speaking, if you are young and have eyelids which are not excessively thick or droopy, your surgeon would most probably recommend the stitching double eyelid method.

Conversely, if you have thicker eyelids with a lot of excessive fat around the eye, or if you have saggy skin or droopy lids, your plastic surgeon may recommend the open cutting double eyelid method in order to have more control over reshaping your eyes.

Always discuss your options with your surgeon and let him know exactly what you want so that he has a good idea of your preferences and is able to advise you accordingly, and ultimately create that desired look for you.

12. Which double eyelid surgery method is more popular in Singapore?

In general, the closed stitching double eyelid surgery method is more popular due to its minimal downtime.  Many Singaporeans are also doing double eyelid surgery at a younger age, when they are in their 20s and 30s, so eyelid fat and saggy skin are not much of a concern.

13. Which Singaporean bloggers have had double eyelid surgery?

Some influencers in Singapore have openly discussed or blogged about their experience with double eyelid surgery and various other plastic surgery work they may have had done. Singapore bloggers who underwent double eyelid surgery include Xiaxue (Wendy Cheng), Melody Yap, Bong Qiu Qiu (Ang Chiew Ting), Lian Meiting and Jacqueline Koh.

14. Is double eyelid surgery painful?

You will experience some pain when the anesthesia is injected. That being said, there will not be any pain during the surgery as your eyelids would already be numbed with the anesthesia. You can also opt for general anesthesia to be fully sedated if you are squeamish, but bear in mind that it would add to your double eyelid surgery bill. You will feel a throbbing ache and tightness after the anesthesia wears off though.

15. What are the risks of double eyelid surgery in Singapore?

In general, double eyelid surgery in Singapore is considerably safe – especially if you do it with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. For double eyelid surgery, your surgeon skills and expertise are paramount so make sure you pick a good plastic surgeon to do the procedure for you.

Some of the risks of double eyelid surgery include infection of the wound and bleeding. One of the biggest risks is a cosmetic one, where you are unhappy with your newly created double eyelid crease created because it looks unnatural, or your eyelid folds turn out to be asymmetrical or not dramatic enough. That is why is it so important to discuss your cosmetic preferences and style with your surgeon and also pick a plastic surgeon who knows what he’s doing.

16. Can my double eyelid surgery go wrong?

Double eyelid surgery in Singapore is generally a common and safe procedure. However, as mentioned in Q13, it is possible for you to dislike your double eyelid surgery results – a risk that is present with all aesthetic surgery, since beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is also possible for a botched eyelid surgery if an inexperienced surgeon uses an unsuitable technique.

To minimize this risk, make sure you go through the double eyelids simulation that should be provided by your plastic surgeon and discuss extensively so that your aesthetic preferences are aligned. Also pick a surgeon who has done a high volume of double eyelid surgery.

17. Can I reverse my double eyelid surgery if I don’t like it?

If you did the stitching blepharoplasty, you can reverse the surgery easily by asking your surgeon to remove the sutures. However, if you did the cutting blepharoplasty, you can’t reverse it as the results are permanent. During the procedure, your surgeon has permanently removed excess fat or skin in your eyelids in the attempt to create more shapely eyes.

18. Will my double eyelid surgery last forever?

In general, double eyelid surgery is fairly permanent. See also Q15.

If you did the stitching double eyelid method, it is permanent until there is eyelid fat that starts building up or eyelid skin that starts sagging. A heavy amount of eyelid fat can push at the stitches until it gives way and you lose your double eyelid fold. It is also possible for the sutures to come off or loosen if you have a habit of rubbing your eyes. Generally, the stitching from your double eyelid surgery can stay in for a good 10 years.

If you opted for the cutting method of double eyelid surgery, it will give you significantly more permanent results that can last a lifetime as compared to the stitching method.  

19. Which plastic surgeon in Singapore should I go to for my double eyelid surgery?

The best double eyelid surgery is done by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. As double eyelid surgery falls under the field of plastic surgery, it will be wise to pick a plastic surgeon or experienced oculoplastic surgeon.

20. What questions should I ask my plastic surgeon during my double eyelid consultation?

Here are some questions to ask yourself and your plastic surgeon when considering your double eyelid surgery:

  • What is the desired look I want to achieve? Pictures speak a thousand words so try and find a few pictures of celebrities or people whose double eyelids you like.
  • What type of eyelid fold do I prefer – parallel or tapered?
  • What are my lifestyle habits – do I wear a lot of make up or do I prefer a more natural look?
  • What type of double eyelid surgery should I opt for – incisional or stitching?
  • What option of anesthesia do I prefer – local or GA?
  • What is the recovery process and downtime like; when can I resume activities that are important to me?
  • Any medical conditions that can affect my double eyelid surgery results?
  • My medical history; what type of medications are involved?
  • How many double eyelid surgeries has my plastic surgeon done?
  • Can I take a look at the before and after treatment photos of past double eyelid patients?

21.  How much does double eyelid surgery cost in Singapore?

Double eyelid surgery in Singapore costs around $3,200 to $6,000 in general. The price of double eyelid surgery in Singapore comprises various factors like surgeon fees, operating theatre fees, medications, consultations, anesthesia, cost of sutures and GST.

Non-incisional double eyelid surgery generally costs $3,200 to $3,500 while incisional double eyelid surgery costs $3,800 to $6,000.

Be wary of cheap double eyelid surgery in Singapore as it may indicate that the doctor is not a plastic surgeon and does not have the relevant double eyelid expertise. Read this for a full breakdown on the cost of double eyelid surgery in Singapore.

If you’ve been thinking of doing double eyelid surgery enhance your looks, make sure you do plenty of research to gain more knowledge so you know what to expect. You may want to read our ultimate guide to double eyelid surgery before making a decision!

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