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The After Clinic Hours Club Welcome Kit.

Your go-to guide to be #BusybutWell.

Come as you are…

Hi! We are a team of people who are determined to prioritise our well-being amidst the busyness called life. We believe that personal well-being is the bedrock to everything — including our wealth, our dreams and our happiness. Science today has shown that our mind and body are more interconnected than ever before, and being well is not just about juice cleanses or gym memberships. The truth is, our emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health affect our overall state of being.

Come join the ach club and embark on this personal wellness journey with us. We promise to share only the good stuff.

Together, let’s get #BusybutWell.

The ach club welcome kit freebies

50 Intentional New Year Journalling Prompts 

Our Doctor Visit Checklist for any Medical Procedure

Set of 8 Printable Quote Cards

Bonus: 3 beautiful wallpapers in desktop & mobile!

What ach club members are saying

“Your emails have been of motivation and help ever since I subscribed and have found myself always looking forward to getting the next one!”

Grace Eng

“I open up your emails and they inspire me to live better on a daily basis.”

Janice Lee

“Well-being is a journey and not a destination, so I’m glad I’m part of the ach club to live well together.”

Charlene Tay

“Honestly, your emails are one of those things that I look forward to every week. They’re my fail-proof source of inspirations to be healthy (and happy).”

Margareth Yao

“I’m really glad that I am subscribed to you, your words always keep me motivated to live a happier life”

Lynette Chua