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12 Days of Christmas Wellness Giveaway

It’s the season of giving and we can barely contain our excitement! We have partnered up with some of our favorite wellness brands to bring you 12 days of Christmas gifts focused on nourishing your mind and body. After all, 2020 has been tough and we hope you have ample time for all the love, self-care and healing you can get as the year draws to a close.

From 12 days leading up to Christmas, starting 13 to 24 December, we’ll be giving away one Christmas wellness gift each day — specific gifts will be announced via our Instagram page daily. Just enter our giveaway for a chance to win!

How to join our ach Christmas wellness giveaway:

    Our giveaway has ended! Thank you!

    Giveaway Advent Calendar

    Stand to win these Christmas goodies

    Day 1: Yultide Herbs, Sing See Soon

    Photo: Sing See Soon

    Cook up a feast for family and friends with readily available herbs, homegrown in your kitchen! With this mini herb garden planter-trio of Rosemary, Thyme and Oregano, these herbs are all you need to make that perfect chicken or turkey dinner roast. This planter of Yultide Herbs (worth $65) also comes Christmas gift-wrapped to bring on the festivities.

    Day 2: Andrea Bra Top, Tough Cookie Apparel

    Andrea Bra Top | Photo: After Clinic Hours

    With this festive red anti-slip bandeau top from Tough Cookie Apparel’s popular collections, the Andrea Bra Top (worth $69) is the perfect companion for medium intensity workouts. Whether you do pole, dance, pilates or yoga on the regular, this bra top would be such a chic addition to your workout wear. Bonus points for this one as it doubles up as swimwear too!

    Day 3: Superfood Cookies, Yoga Superfuel

    Yoga Superfuel’s Cookies: Photo After Clinic Hours

    Yoga Superfuel’s Christmas Gift Set Superfood Cookies (worth $16.90) come in awesome foursome packs of popular flavours: Cocoa Coconut, Almond Buckwheat, Turmeric Chai and Fig Amaranth. Gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free, these super yummy superfood cookies are packed with nutrition and protein that’s good for you and doubles up as a pre or post-workout snack. Warning: yogis may be extra partial to this Christmas snack.

    Day 4: The Romantic G-Spot Vibrator, Smile Makers

    Photo: Smile Makers

    Fall in love with your inner self with this Romantic Sensuous G-spot Vibrator (worth $99.95) — and take your self-care game to the next level. With a powerful motor embedded in its curved head that’s fitted with 4 speeds and 3 pulsation modes, it’s made to send deeply delicious vibrations to your G-spot. Time to romance yourself and book in that pleasure sesh.

    Day 5: A set of Spiced Orange Soy Candle + Linen Spray, The Verdant Lab

    Photo: The Verdant Lab

    The Verdant Lab’s Christmas set of Spiced Orange Soy Candle and Linen Spray (worth $35) is the perfect duo for creating harmony and balance in your mind, body and home this Christmas. The handpoured soy wax candle with warm notes of sweet orange, cedarwood, patchouli and cinnamon is perfect for sending warm and spicy notes into the air to welcome the festitivies, while the multi-use linen spray fragrance can be sprayed on bedding, towels and clothes for a lovely burst of freshness.

    Day 6: Everyday Leggings in Cherry, Anya Active

    Photo: Anya Active

    This Anya Active Everyday Leggings in Dark Cherry (worth $52) are buttery soft and snuggly — made for every movement with just the right amount of compression and elasticity. Featuring a high-waisted flattering, snug fit, every girl needs a pair of leggings like these. A homegrown activewear brand, Anya Active believes that we work out because we love and embrace our body, not because we hate it. Making time to move comes from within — we embark on journeys for ourselves, never for others. We totally approve.

    Day 7: Made for Women Kit (UTI, Yeast Infection, BV), Ferne Health

    Photo: Ferne Health

    Ferne Health’s Made For Women Kit (worth $50) is an at-home screening kit which functions as an alternative for your annual sexual health screening. Designed to screen UTI, Yeast infection, and Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), the kit is made to help women better understand their bodies and reproductive health, helping to detect any abnormalities at an early stage. The kit comes with a urine container, customer information card, self-sampling instruction, and return package. 

    A local company, Ferne Health is founded by Xi Liu and aims to deliver convenient sexual health services right to your doorstep — with full privacy. Think: no more long waits in the clinics, no more awkward conversations about your sex history.

    Day 8: OsomeWellness Box, OsomeFood

    Photo: OsomeFood

    This OsomeWellness Box (worth $59.50) brings with it so much nourishing goodness. Comprising a whole suite of OsomeFood’s signature fishcake and fishball, sachets of cordyceps flowers, wolfberries, ginseng, red Dates, echinacea herbs, turmeric powder, shitake mushroom, dehydrated garlic and activated walnuts, the box also features a handcrafted recipe from OsomeFood’s nutritionist.

    That means no more Googling for any recipe inspos — open up the box and get started right away, whipping up a wholesome meal on your own!

    Founded by Jason Fong, local sustainable food brand OsomeFood believes in creating food products that boost immunity, improve gut health and reduce inflammation. Their signature fishball and fishcake — Singaporean quintessentials — are made with ingredients like coralline seaweed, curdlan, kombu and raw potato starch.

    Day 9: Organic Make-up, Liht Organics

    Liht Organics: Photo via After Clinic Hours

    Liht Organics’ set of Dusk to Dawn Liquid Liner and Color-intense Liquid Lipstick in Sangria (worth $100) are made of USDA-certified organic ingredients — make up that’s safe enough to eat! Featuring vegan and cruelty-free make up goodies with no nasties, give yourself peace of mind knowing that you are not drying out or harming your skin with harsh products filled with chemicals. Instead, choose to nourish your skin with natural, lovingly-made concoctions this Christmas.

    Day 10: ZenyumSonic Toothbrush (Christmas Limited Edition), Zenyum

    Christmas Edition ZenyumSonic Toothbrush | Photo: Zenyum

    Up your oral well-being game with the smart ZenyumSonic Toothbrush (worth $89.90) for a fresher, more kissable situation this festive season. Equipped with DuPont nylon bristles that vibrates at 33,000 vibrations a minute, it definitely makes for a more efficient clean. Each brushing sesh is set to last 2 minutes (as recommended by dentists) and beeps when done so you know when to move on to the next area of your teeth! Comes complete with a tongue cleaner too.

    Day 11: Sleep Range Roll-on Gift Set, In-heal Aromatherapy

    Photo: In-Heal

    The Sleep Range aromatherapy gift set (worth $71.70) comprises three specially crafted roll-ons this Christmas. The Love Potion is made of organic ylang ylang, cedarwood atlas and geranium to stimulate a romantic energy in the bedroom, while the Sleep Brain is made of chamomile and organic vetiver that will help calm your mind and your senses. The Be Happy concoction is made of bergamot, organic marjoram and ylang ylang to stimulate joyful energy — perfect as you go about your celebrations and festivities.

    Founded by Ruby, a trainer in aromatherapy, In-heal is a homegrown brand that was born from the word inhale, representing the belief that the body heals from within. Aromatherapy essential oils have been proven to improve psychological and physical well-being, and In-heal products help bring the body back to balance and helps to remove tensions and stress in the body. Try it for yourself: use In-heal’s essential oils by inhaling them, or rubbing onto pulse points like your pulses, behind the ears, back of the neck, behind the knees.

    Day 12: ach wellness giftbox, curated by After Clinic Hours

    Photo: After Clinic Hours

    Specially curated to nourish your well-being this Christmas, our ach wellness giftbox (worth $64) comprises these goodies:

    • A pair of 3-Layered Orinda Face Masks
    • The Verdant Lab’s Orange Spiced Soy Candle
    • Yoga Superfuel’s Vegan and Gluten-free Mini Cookie Pack
    • Bennetto Natural Foods’ Vegan, Peruvian Dark Chocolate Bar
    • The ach Merry & Well Christmas Card

    Yoga Superfuel’s cookie pack may come in any of these four popular flavours: Turmeric Chai, Fig Amaranth, Cocoa Coconut, Almond Buckwheat; and Bennetto Natural Foods’ Chocolate Bars may come in any of these flavours: Mint & Cocoa, Raspberry, Toasted Hazelnut, Orange with Chilli.

    Give the gift of well-being to friends and loved ones this Christmas and start the brand new year 2021 with a focus on health and wellness — the bedrock to a good life.

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