About Us

About After Clinic Hours

After Clinic Hours is your go-to medical, healthcare, beauty and wellness guide and community for all women who want to fearlessly live a healthy life. At After Clinic Hours, we’re dedicated to live our best life together with you while keeping fit and fab at the same time.

It’s the place to be for all women who want to be the best versions of themselves – be it going for a medical procedure to boost self-confidence, practising self-care and wellness to keep your mental game strong, going for beauty treatments to maintain a flawless complexion, or cooking delicious and healthy meals to nourish your body – we’ve got it all covered.

We believe in prioritising our health and bodies but remain relatively unperturbed by health trends and strict diets because we’re too busy enjoying life. We also believe in being unafraid to try new things that interest us – like a beauty or medical procedure, or a new fitness workout – and we approach life with the same fearlessness. We believe that we have the power to shape our lives by being strong in mind, strong in body.

We hope After Clinic Hours would also be a portal of self-discovery for women – a place to find ourselves, a warm embrace of what could be.

Together, we’ll crack the code on anti-ageing, enlightenment and world domination. One woman at a time.