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21 coffee station ideas for the ultimate morning coffee experience

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If you’re someone who needs a dose of coffee everyday to wake you up in the mornings, you’re in good company. Many folks kick start their day with a cuppa joe, and with more time spent at home nowadays, it makes more sense for us to make our own coffee rather than head outdoors and dabao kopi.

And if you want to pretend you’re sipping brew in a barista-approved way, why not set up a little coffee station at home? It will give your home that cafe ambience, and help you grab a cup quickly when you’re pressed for time in the mornings. Here are 20 nifty coffee station ideas that will thrill any coffee-lover and transform a corner of your space into a perfect coffee sanctuary.

P.S. Some of these can be done in small spaces, so don’t worry if your home is on the tinier side.

1. Wall hanging coffee cups

Photo via homedit

If you’re always wondering where you last left your coffee mug around the house, this hanging rack will have your mugs and saucers neatly displayed for easy retrieval. It also frees up valuable countertop space, giving you room to place your coffee machine, sugar and condiments.

2. A chalkboard wall feature

Photo via decoholic.org

Many cafes achieve that casual, chill atmosphere with their coffee menu scrawled over a chalkboard – so why not replicate that idea at home? All you’ve to do is get a chalkboard that’s your preferred size and install in on a wall near your coffee corner. You could even get chalkboard vinyl decal stickers for a simple and fuss-free DIY installation.

Write down your own “Specials” like “latte” or even your bean type for extra points, or just an motivational message to make your mornings. Maybe don’t write your to-do list.

3. Pipe in some acoustic or indie tunes

Music is a powerful tool in transforming a place’s ambience, so to achieve that loungey relaxed cafe vibe, pipe in suitable tunes with a Bluetooth speaker. (P.S. Preferably waterproof, to prevent accidents.) We recommend acoustic, indie or folk tunes to feel like you’re at your fave coffeehouse reading a book and whiffing in the aromatic smell of coffee beans.

Tip: If you want a K-drama cafe vibe that’s all the range now, you can also consider Korean playlists.

4. Go for all-in-one holders

If space is at a premium for your coffee corner, get all-in-one holders that can organise everything from condiments, to cups to stirrers. We really recommend this rotating spice jar rack to store superfood condiments, so you can easily add them to your coffee to supercharge your health. Find out where to buy this here.

Get our free guide: 3 things I add to my coffee to supercharge my health. Shopping resources included!

Other all-in-one holders and organisers can come in the form of compact caddies or get imaginative with repurposed stationery or makeup storage containers. Just let your creativity run free and you’ll find something that works for you!

5. Have a double decker cup tray

If you don’t have the wall or countertop space, here’s a nifty coffee corner idea – use a double decker tray for storing your coffee cups and condiments or a cup drying rack. This will keep all your mugs neatly organised and save them from cluttering up the aesthetics of your coffee station. Pro tip: Make sure your mugs are of similar colour scheme and sizes – it makes for a cute table accessory.

6. Liven up your coffee bar with plants

Photo via athomeinlove

Coffee corner looking a little dull? Don’t worry, you don’t have to splurge or revamp it entirely. Just place a few indoor plants in the area to add a touch of greenery and interest to the area. Faux plants can do the trick as well, should you not want heavy maintenance.

7. Have a mobile coffee cart

Photo via livingly

Roll a bar cart and ask “Would you like some coffee?” to your family or other half from room to room. It will not only amuse them, but also serve as an effective way to keep all your coffee essentials in one place. Plus, the fact that you can have breakfast and coffee in bed if you’d like sounds immensely appealing.

8. Use wooden accents

Photo by @farmhousebydesign

Wood elements are common features in cafe décor because they help warm up a space. So, try to incorporate some woody accents at your coffee corner – this can be in a rich golden brown accent for a Scandinavian or rustic air, or light wood for that popular Muji look.

Tips: One idea is to use wooden shelves, wood trays and holders to organise your coffee cups. Pair with plants or flowers to bring nature vibes into your home.

9. Add some magazines or books

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

At many cafes, there’s bound to be some magazines or books lying around to add to that old-school, artsy aura. Even if you’re not much of a bookworm, placing carefully selected mags like Kinfolk or indie books could add +100 points to your coffee station. We recommend stacking them on each other in a slightly fanned out way for best effect.

10. Pull out drawers

Photo via heather bullard

If you have the luxury of pull-out drawers in your kitchen, consider setting up your coffee station there. Large, pull out sliding drawers make it so incredibly easy to see everything you have at one go and select whatever you need super conveniently without messing up anything. Mugs, napkins, coffee pots, coffee beans, milk pitchers – everything can be stored here at one place, so that you don’t have to rummage through anything at all. It’s like all your coffee things are laid right out, at your service.

11. Paint an accent wall

Photo via lovecreatecelebrate

To really make your coffee setup stand out in your kitchen – or other parts of your house – add interest with a bold accent wall! Yes, skip the whites or beiges for that common minimalist look, and opt for emerald green or rich navy to make a statement.

Tip: Choose contrasting colours from your wall for your machines, cutlery and storage containers.

12. Organise your pods

Many of us use coffee pods for convenient coffee-making of our favourite brew – cough, Nespresso. Instead of stowing them away in cabinets or stacking their boxes on shelves in a haphazard way, why not show them off creatively?

Use coffee pod stands and arrange pods by colour for an aesthetic display piece, or slot them neatly into mini, portable drawers for Marie Kondo-worthy organisation.

13. Match your storage containers

Good coffee by itself is amazing, but what makes it even more heavenly are your condiments like sugar, chocolate powder, cinnamon or cream. Give these MVPs a special place in your coffee corner by buying containers that match your overall decor theme or colours.

For example, these B&W storage jars will belong in any minimalist’s dream coffee station, like the black and white one pictured above. Or if vintage is more your style, opt for retro-style tins. Pro tip: If you’re unsure what would match, default to classic, transparent glass containers that displays the condiment clearly so you’ll never have to keep opening up your jars to check what’s inside!

14. Create a cozy coffee corner away from the kitchen

Photo via onlydecolove

Who said that coffee corners had to be in the kitchen? Subvert expectations and install your coffee corner in your living room, bedroom or even study corner. Imagine having it as a centrepiece in your living room, where visiting guests can all enjoy a cuppa. Just ensure there’s sufficient space to fit your coffee machine – be it on your dresser, side table or even on a bookshelf for a sophisticated vibe.

Or, steal this idea of a tiny coffee station using the minimalist IKEA Kallax shelving unit! This 42 x 147cm KALLAX unit only costs $89 for your coffee station dreams to come true.

15. Pick a colorful coffee machine

Photo via Karine Monteiro from Pexels

If you want a focal point to your coffee corner and make it instantly Pinterest-worthy, consider upgrading your coffee machine or pot. Instead of boring black or metallic ones, go for retro pastels or sleek reds for a pop of vibrant color.

16. Combine your coffee corner with a bar

Photo via From My Bowl

Some of us start our day with a cup of coffee, and end it with a glass of wine. If you’re the sort that likes a nightcap, why not put two of your fave things together and have a coffee-corner-cum-bar? Just stack up your wine bottles and liquors in the same area as the coffee zone, and watch it become a versatile day-to-night bar.

17. Use statement lighting

If you’d like to highlight your coffee corner area, there’s no better way than to shine a literal spotlight on it. The trick is hanging pendant lights in quirky designs above the space for added interest, or go for geometric desk lamps for an industrial look or Nordic-style lights for that hygge, Scandi cafe feel.

18. Use trays, liberally

This is our secret hack to making your coffee corner look organised and “designed” in an instant. Boring white pitcher? Place it on a marble tray for instant IG-friendliness. Want to class up your mugs? Stack them on this solid rich wood tray to live the luxe life. Bonus points for being able to take this tray easily to other parts of the house with utmost ease.

19. Pair with snackable confectionary

Photo via thehomeicreate

What goes well with coffee? Biscuits, pastries, cakes, that’s what. Just like how your favourite cafe serves up a lovely cake to go with your coffee, recreate that winning combo by also displaying muffins, cupcakes or cakes in a transparent glass container. You’ll almost feel like saying “Can I have a coffee and cake to go?” every morning.

Tip: You can also display tomorrow’s breakfast breads or biscuits in a pretty glass jar on your coffee station to jazz it up and even make it more inviting!

20. Decorate with printables and frames

Printables like this speak the #truth. Photo via Tudoorna

Add a fun framed printable or two that is true to your coffee theme – we personally love these free coffee cart printables to express your inner caffeine addict. Or hand letter your favorite coffee quote yourself and truly make it your own.

21. Combine your coffee corner with your plant babies

Photo via Bar Stools Furniture

Not much counter space around, because your house is filled with plant babies? No problem – why not take your coffee station to where your plant gang’s at? After all, you just need a coffee machine or jug and a coffee letterboard quote to get the set up going! Your plant babies will still look good and thrive on the side – you just need to create a space big enough for your coffee machine/jug to plant itself on.

Try out any of these coffee station ideas! If you happen to post your efforts on Instagram, tag us @afterclinichours – we would love to see them! With so many coffee station ideas, getting your morning dose of caffeine will never be boring again.

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