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18 Healthy Food Delivery Services in Singapore (2020)

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16 Healthy Food Delivery Services in Singapore

If you were becoming one with the couch during the past Circuit Breaker and piling on the calories, it’s time to make a change by eating healthier.

No time or cooking abilities, you say? Not to worry. There are many healthy food delivery services in Singapore that can serve up guilt-free food right to your doorstep. From customisable bento sets, to poke bowls and tasty granola, these options prove you don’t have to compromise on taste, either.

1. Grain

Grain - Healthy Food Deliver in Singapore
Photo via @graincomsg

If you think healthy = boring, Grain will change your mind with an exciting variety of Asian and Western dishes that are updated weekly. Think updated local fare like Basil Thunder Tea Rice, fancy-sounding Hot Torched Sous Vide Salmon and light sides like Hanjuku Eggs.

You can customise your meal by picking your own base, protein, vegetables, toppings and dressing, and choose from 3, 5 or 7 meals per week.

Hungry folks will be glad to note that meals can be delivered in as fast as 30 minutes. Grain is also pairing up with KOI till 1 Aug to serve up bubble tea with meals. But hey, save that for cheat day, okay?

Delivery fee: From $4. Pick up at selected locations for free. Min. order $10. Order Via Grain.


Gif via AMGD

AMGD. Lest you think the acronym means something incredibly official, it actually stands for…AHHMAHGAWD. That’s probably the feeling you get when you look at their mind-boggling array of bento sets and even poke bowls. There are over 100 choices, with vegetarian, keto and immunity-boosting options included.

Halal-certified and Healthier-Choice awarded, AMGD operates on a credit system, which gives you meals from $12 when you buy a package.

Delivery fee: From $2.50. Pick up at selected locations for free or when you order 2 or more meals.

AMGD Promo code: Quote AMGD101S3 to enjoy 5% off all AMGD’s food subscription plans via AMGD.

3. Yolo Food

Yolo - Healthy Food Deliver in Singapore
Photo via @yolofoodsg

One of the more affordable options around, YOLO Food offers meals that are based on your individual calorie intake. This is based on criteria like your height, weight, gender and lifestyle.

For those who don’t want to plan meals at all, just play around with meal combos within your recommended calorie intake group – breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, settled. P.S. They also have acai bowls and flavoursome meals like Kung Pao Chicken!

We also spoke to Alexis Bauduin from YOLO in this exclusive media feature on how he started the company, the future of YOLO and health tips he personally subscribes to!

Delivery fee: Varies, depending on meal plan.

Promo code: Quote BOOST20 to get an exclusive 20% off your food orders via YOLO Food.

4. Fit Three

Fit Three Singapore - Healthy Food Deliver in Singapore
Photo via @fitthreesg

Folks who work out will love that Fit Three’s meals are crafted by a certified dietitian and come with a generous dose of protein. For added cred, they even do collabs with 14 F45 studios in Singapore, and offer direct pick up of food at gyms or studios.

You can pick from two to five-day delivery plans, with choice of lunch and dinner. Low-carb and vegetarian options are available. Also, bonus for the eco-friendly: they use sustainable packaging. 

Delivery fee: Depends on location. Pick up at selected gyms for free.

Fit Three Promo code: If you haven’t tried them out before, use promo code HINEW to receive a $15 discount off your first order via Fit Three!

5. Fitness Ration

Fitness Ration - Healthy Food Deliver in Singapore
Photo via Fitness Ration

You know you’re in good hands when Fitness Ration’s meals are served up to professional athletes. Even if the most exercise you’ve done is getting up from your bed, this delivery has something for you – be it a nutritious breakfast, keto-friendly meal or protein-centred mains.

Imagine waking up to some beef pastrami and potato hash, or fuelling your home workouts with Unagi grain bowls. Yum. Meals come in a bundle of 5,10 and 15.

Delivery fee: $15 for bundle of 5. Free for bundles of 10 and 15. Order via Fitness Ration.

6. Nutrify Meals

Nutrify Meals - Healthy Food Deliver in Singapore
Photo via Nutrify Meals

If you want to know what exactly goes into your food, Nutrify Meals solves that mystery by letting you fully customise your meals. Use its on-site planner which calculates the exact amount of calories, proteins, carbs and more in the building blocks of your diet.

You can even tailor your plan to specific fitness goals, like low carbs or “XL” for those looking to get some gains.

Delivery fee: $7 per delivery for <$100. $4 with >$100. Order via Nutrify Meals.

7. Yummy Bros

Yummy Bros - Healthy Food Deliver in Singapore
Photo via Yummy Bros

With an emphasis on healthier Asian fare, Yummy Bros is one of the most affordable healthy food services in this list – dishes start from $6.50!

You can also view the nutritional profile of your chosen mains, carbs and veggies – so go ahead and order anything from yummy Mala Chicken to congee to even Chicken Breast Smoothies.

Delivery fee: From $3 per delivery for >$50.

Yummy Bros Promo code: If you’re ordering with them for the first time, use promo code YUMMYACH10 for 10% off your food orders with no minimum order via Yummy Bros. Promo code expires June 30, 2020. Note: discount does not apply to partner products.

8. Fresher Singapore

Fresher Singapore- Healthy Food Deliver in Singapore
Photo via @fresher.singapore

If you don’t want to worry if your meals have lost their taste and nutrition while being delivered, Fresher Singapore has got your back. Here, they use a blast freezing technology to seal in all the goodness of your food, plus, deliver it in an insulated box.

And boy, is it good. There’s the proclaimed Freakin Tender Sous Vide Duck Confit, Low-Carb Japanese Cheesecake and even Handformed Swedish Meatballs to please even the most gourmet taste buds.

P.S. They now have special stay-home bundles!

Delivery fee: $15 islandwide. Free for >$130. Min. order $50.

Fresher Singapore Promo code: For those of you who haven’t tried Fresher before, use promo code AFTERCLINIC10 to get $10 off your first order via Fresher Singapore for a limited time . Promo code expires June 30, 2020.

9. The Edible Co

The Edible Co - Healthy Food Deliver in Singapore
Photo via @theedibleco

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. So, start yours right with some healthy and tasty granola, courtesy of The Edible Co.

Skip the Honey Stars and Frosties for some Triple Dark Chocolate Granola or Apricot Pistachio Granola, or order in some healthy nuts or cookies for guilt-free munching as you binge on Netflix.

Delivery fee:  $8 islandwide. Free for >$60.

The Edible Co Promo code: Use promo code TECXACH10 to get 10% off orders storewide via The Edible Co. Promo code is valid until July 31, 2020.

10. Lean Bento

Lean Bento - Healthy Food Deliver in Singapore
Photo via @leanbento

Like its name suggests, Lean Bento specialises in bentos, including low-calorie, gluten-free, vegan and even petite options for those of us with a smaller appetite.

And if you fancy a little dessert after, this halal-certified caterer also serves up protein muffins and waffles to sate your sweet cravings. Read all about the brand and founder Charles in this exclusive interview feature we did with him – he shares his story, how he started the brand and his secret health tips on staying youthful and fab.

Delivery fee: $10 for selected areas. Free for >$85. Min. order $20.

Lean Bento Promo code: Use promo code AFTERCLINICHOURS to get 15% off all orders via Lean Bento. Promo code is valid until Aug 31, 2020.

11. Eat Fit Meal Prep

Eat Fit Meal Prep - Healthy Food Deliver in Singapore
Photo via Eat Fit Meal Prep

If you want a restaurant experience at home, Eat Fit Meal Prep fits the bill, delivering delicious chef-cooked meals right to your doorstep weekly. You can pick from mostly Western fare like pasta, steaks, meats and salad – and every dish’s nutritional profile is shown up front.

Their meals come in microwavable storage boxes, too, so you can reheat leftovers at a later time. Choose from 6, 9, 12 or 15 meals per week.

Delivery fee: $7.90. Free for >$150. Min. order $60.

Eat Fit Meal Prep Promo code: For a limited time only, use promo code LadiesEatfit10 to enjoy 10% off all orders via Eat Fit Meal Prep. Promo code is valid until June 19, 2020.

12. Boxgreen

Boxgreen - Healthy Food Deliver in Singapore
Photo via @boxgreenco

Instead of snacking on yet another bag of chips or nuggets, nibble on healthier snacks from Boxgreen. This snack box delivery service has all-natural nuts and granolas with over 60 sweet or savoury flavours like peanuts and pretzels.

Choose just one box with 12 packets within and let the folks know how often you want it delivered, too!

Delivery fee: Free for subscription boxes. $4.90 otherwise and free for > $30.

Boxgreen Promo code: Use promo code ACHxBG10 for 10% off your online orders via Boxgreen with min spending of $10. Not applicable for subscription or build your own box orders and not valid with other discounts or rewards.

13. The Daily Cut

The Daily Cut - Healthy Food Deliver in Singapore
Photo via @thedailycut.sg

CBD warriors are probably familiar with The Daily Cut, which serves up unbelievably mouth-watering bowls packed with veggies and protein. Just pick your bowl size, base, protein, supplement and toppings for your own customised bowl.

If this was your office lunchtime go-to, you can now get it at home through Deliveroo.

Delivery fee: Varies. Min. order $50. The Daily Cut.

14. Kim Paradise

Kim Paradise - Healthy Food Deliver in Singapore
Photo via @kimparadisesg

A home-meal delivery (tingkat) company, Kim Paradise nails that homey home-cooked vibe with dishes like Steamed White Pomfret with Soy Sauce and Herbal Chicken Soup – you’ll almost feel as if Mum is cooking up a storm for you.

The menu here is crafted to be well-balanced, with no MSG and the use of healthy vegetable oils. 10 or 20 day packages are available, along with 5-day trials.

Delivery fee: Included in package. Order via Kim Paradise.

15. Nutrition Kitchen

Nutrition Kitchen - Healthy Food Deliver in Singapore
Photo via @nutritionkitchensg

Some of us eat healthier with a goal – to lose weight or to build muscle. And Nutrition Kitchen can help you on your way with meals that are catered to your goal and daily activity level.

Your tastebuds will be treated to an international smorgasbord of cuisine, like Seared Mediterranean Sea Bream, Green Papaya & Bumbu Balinese Chicken Salad and Indian Style Lamb Seekh Kebab gracing the menu.

Pick from 5, 9 and 19 days packages, with choice of 2 or 3 meals a day.

Delivery fee: Included in package. Extra $6 for Sentosa addresses. Order via Nutrition Kitchen.

16. Ketomei

Ketomei - Healthy Food Deliver in Singapore
Photo via Ketomei

If you’ve always wanted to try out a Keto diet but found it hard to plan meals due to limited Keto options, Ketomei will be your saviour. Singapore’s first such service, they serve up a range of Asian and Western dishes that adhere to the ratio of 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs. Plus, no added sugar or gluten.

That means busy folks needn’t crunch numbers for their diet, all the while munching on fare like Lemon Pepper Salmon or Taiwanese Pork Belly slices. You can go for weekly plans (12 meals) or up to 6 weeks at a go.

Delivery fee: Included in package. Order via Ketomei.

17. Wafuken

Wafuken - Healthy Food Deliver in Singapore
Photo via @februarynest

If you love sous vide style of cooking, Wafuken’s Japanese bowls can just be your go-to meal delivery daily. They pride themselves on restaurant-grade meat which are placed in a water bath to retain moisture and flavor.

Choose from half or full sized sous vide proteins like chicken breast, oyster blade steak, salmon and smoked duck. Check out our interview feature with founder Jake Pang from Wafuken as he shares anecdotes and how he envisions the future of healthy food in Singapore.

Delivery fee: Islandwide delivery is free for >$35.

Wafuken Promo code: Wafuken is giving the first 100 After Clinic Hours readers an exclusive 15% off food orders via Wafuken. Use promo code ACH15, while stocks last.

18. Cedele

Cedele - Healthy Food Deliver in Singapore
Photo via Cedele

Cedele is a brand we are all familiar with and most known for their healthy soups, breads and meals. Founded in the belief eat well, be well, Cedele serves up wholesome signatures like their rosemary chicken sandwich, red pepper soups as well as healthier bakes using unrefined sugar, such as the pandan gula melaka cake.

We also had the good opportunity to interview Yeap Cheng Guat, the woman behind the Cedele, on her journey as a womenpreneur and the entire Cedele story. A must read for all womenpreneurs!

Delivery fee: Islandwide delivery is free for >$60.

Cedele Promo code: Cedele is giving After Clinic Hours readers an exclusive 15% off all online food orders via Cedele. Use promo code CLINIC15, valid until Jun 27, 2020.

With so many food delivery options for all budgets and dietary preferences, there’s no reason not to kickstart that healthy eating journey right this moment. Now, Bon Appetit!

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