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12 best yoga mats in town (2021)

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Best Yoga Mats in Singapore 2020

There are tons of yoga mats out there. Walk by Watsons and you’d spot a few rolled up for sale right at the front of the store, in a variety of colors like pink, blue and green. But are all yoga mats made equal?

From a $7 run of the mill foam yoga mat you can find on Ezbuy to a $15,000 Chakracarma handcrafted leather yoga mat adorned with ethically-sourced gemstones, the prices clearly say no.

For me, if I boil it down, I feel that a good yoga mat is all about the:

  • Grip
  • Knee support (my knees are on the weaker side)
  • Lower back support (for abs workouts)
  • The eco-friendliness of the material (preferably non-toxic to myself and the environment)
  • Travel-bility, if I need to carry it around with me to the yoga studio
  • Style (‘cos obviously a hipster looking mat is cooler)

But I’ve also included a full range of yoga mat options – whether it’s time to upgrade to an eco-friendly yoga mat suited for the advanced yogi you now are, or a budget yoga mat that won’t hurt your wallet – gotcha covered!

Here are 12 best yoga mats that you can easily purchase to replace your old, tattered – or worse, stinky – yoga mats with all those home workout seshs you’ve been clocking in (kudos to you!) during the whole coronavirus situation.

1. Manduka eKO SuperLite yoga mat, S$79

Best Yoga mats in Singapore 2020 Manduka eKO SuperLite yoga mat
Photo via Manduka’s Facebook

One of the most popular yoga mat brands, Manduka, is quite the symbol of enduring quality yoga mats for yogis who are serious about their yoga practice. Made from biodegradable, natural tree rubber so it doesn’t contain any toxic materials like PVC, Manduka’s mats make for grippy surfaces and also prevent bacteria and moisture from seeping into the mats.

The brand carries a few ranges of yoga mats from Manduka X ($109), Manduka Pro to their nifty eKO Superlite Travel Yoga Mats ($79) which measure 180cm by 61cm. They also mention that you can actually DIY your own cleaning solution to clean your Manduka yoga mats – by simply using a 50/50 mixture of water and organic apple cider vinegar!

Order directly via Manduka’s website. Free delivery is applicable above $80. Self collection is also available at their Marina Square store.

2. Yumi Active’s MiTravel Yoga Mat, S$88 (now only $79.20 with promo code)

Best Yoga mats in Singapore 2020 Yumi Active’s MiTravel Yoga Mat
Photo via Yumi Active

Made with a comfy microfibre top surface and eco-friendly natural rubber backing, local brand Yumi’s MiTravel Yoga Mat in Lunisolar ($88) also carries chic, Insta-worthy Yumi Mandala prints. The mat is regular-sized at 183cm by 61cm so it’s ideal if you’re the hardcore yogi who carries your mat out and about all the time. This comes in two very pretty colors: Misty Blue (above) or Misty Pink.

For those who prefer a roomier mat for home use, Yumi also has a MiPro version – made of the same materials, but in larger dimensions of 185cm by 68cm.

Order via Yumi Active’s website.

Yumi Active’s PROMO CODE: We’ve partnered up with Yumi – because #supportlocal you guys – to give you a 10% discount + FREE shipping (no min spend)! Use promo code afterclinic10 during check out. Valid till Aug 31 only, so do hurry. Not valid with sale items or in conjunction with other promos.

3. Liforme Yoga Mat, S$160

Best Yoga mats in Singapore 2020 Liforme Yoga Mat
Photo via Liforme’s Facebook

A cult favorite amongst yogis, Liforme’s signature yoga mats are marked with their unique AlignForMe system which guides you as a yogi as you practise your yoga poses and flows.

Made of natural rubber and eco-polyurethane, Liforme mats are 185cm long and slightly wider, at 68cm – instead of the usual 60cm. Their mats also come in a variety of shades like Purple Earth, Pink and Blue. Take note that the prices on their website is in pounds, so their signature yoga mats which cost GBP 90 will translate into S$160.

Order directly via Liforme’s website. They have a 10 to 20% discount going on right now, so you may want to take advantage of that! Take note that your orders will be shipped from Britain though, so expect a longer processing time of 6 working days. Free international shipping is available if you order above GBP 200. Alternatively, order your Liforme yoga mats from Touch the Toes, an eco-friendly yoga shop based in Singapore.

4. TPE yoga mats, S$17.50 from Lazada and $19.90 from Iuiga

Photo via Lazada (left) and Iuiga (right)

If you’re on a yoga beginner on a tight budget, these TPE yoga mats are extremely affordable options, especially if you’re not really sure if yoga is your thing yet. The Lazada yoga mat could also be a great help for new yogis, with alignment markers in place so you can double check your yoga postures.

However, a word of caution: TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) are a mix of plastic and rubber and may give off a chemical like smell.

Order via Lazada and Iuiga.

5. Chalk & Chakras’ Yoga Mats, S$69 kid-sized and S$89 adult-sized

Best Yoga mats in Singapore 2020 Chalk & Chakras’ Yoga Mats
Photo via Chalk and Chakras

For little ones who wanna grow up to become yogis like you, homegrown yoga mat brand Chalk and Chakras is an amazing option. Matchy matchy yoga mats with your kiddos, mamas?

Made with recyclable microsuede towel top and a natural rubber base, Chalk and Chakras’ yoga mats are free of toxic stuff like PVC, silicone, chlorine, odour and other nasties. The mats also come in a range of super cute, whimsical prints like Be my unicorn yogi, My Yoga Garden and Woodland Whimsy, all printed with non-toxic, non-fade water-based inks that’s safe for toddlers. Featuring a whole lot of bright and cheery prints, it’s almost a guaranteed winner for the little ones. Best of all, these yoga mats also double up as play mats for them to jump and prance around at home!

Order via Chalk and Chakras’ website.

Chalk & Chakras’ PROMO CODE: We’ve teamed up with local brand Chalk and Chakras to give you 10% off their super cute yoga mats. Use promo code YOGACLINIC during checkout.

6. Alo’s Warrior Mat, S$150

Alo’s Warrior Mat
Photo via Alo Yoga

Made of polyurethane leather on the top side and rubber at the bottom, the Alo yoga mat boasts antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties. It’s also roomier than most mats, at 188cm long by 66cm wide. It’s also fairly thick with 42mm cushioning.

The Los Angeles brand aims to be the perfect street brand for yogis. Take note that prices on their site is in USD – their magic Warrior mats are USD 100 which translates into S$150.

Order via Alo Yoga’s website. Your orders will ship directly from LA, California in about 4 business days to Singapore; international shipping is free.

7. Vivre’s Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat, S$45

Best Yoga mats in Singapore 2020 Vivre’s Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat
Photo via Vivre Activewear’s Facebook

Made of biodegradable TPE synthetic rubber, local brand Vivre Activewear’s Eco-friendly Yoga Mats is one of the lightest yoga mats we’ve seen, weighing just 650 to 850 grams – in a range of pretty, pastel colors. The mats are also regular-sized, measuring 183cm by 61cm and 6mm in thickness, so it looks like a great travel yoga mat. But one gripe is that there’s no yoga mat strap or bag provided – it’s sold separately at an additional $15.

The Premium Cork Yoga Mat ($108) also caught our eye as it’s a material that is naturally anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic. Grip actually increases as you sweat on cork so no more slippery feet! Perfect for hot yoga flows or HIIT workouts.

Order via Vivre Activewear’s website. Take 10% off with promo code 10OFF storewide. Free shipping in Singapore.

8. Jade Yoga’s Harmony Mat, S$158

Photo via Jade Yoga’s Facebook

Since 2002, Jade Yoga has made it a priority for their yoga mats to be eco-friendly and they also dedicate themselves to giving back to nature – they partner with Trees for the Future to plant a tree with every product they sell.

Their most popular yoga mat – the Harmony Mat (USD 79.95) – is made of natural rubber and do not contain any PVC, EVA or synthetic rubber and is also somewhat of a cult favorite. Their Harmony Mats come in two lengths: 173cm and 188cm, both measuring 60cm wide. They also come in a burst of colors like Kiwi Green, Electric Blue, Fire Engine Red, Tibetan Orange, and more.

Jade Yoga is from US and they don’t ship directly to Singapore, but we do have a retailer here that carries their products at eco-friendly store Touch the Toes.

Order via Touch the Toes’ website or find them at The Green Collective at Funan.

9. Yoloha Yoga’s Chakras Native Cork Mat, S$240

Best Yoga mats in Singapore 2020 Yoloha Yoga’s Chakras Native Cork Mat
Photo via Yoloha

Due to the natural blend of cork and rubber materials as well as a yogi-centric artist design featuring the seven chakras, this one makes for a pretty pricey yoga mat. An entirely eco-friendly yoga mat, Yoloha’s cork yoga mats are free of smells, PVCs and other harsh chemicals.

It also boasts non-slip properties and proves to be a very grippy mat. It’s also engineered to lie perfectly flat and the cork material makes it extremely durable as it does not trap odors. If you feel like splurging on a yoga mat that can last you your whole lifetime, this is probably it. If you don’t care about the design of your mat, opt for the plain Native Cork Yoga Mat (S$170).

Order from Yoloha’s website. International shipping from the US is available to Singapore but at a costly S$45.

10. Lululemon’s Reversible Yoga Mats, $90

Best Yoga mats in Singapore 2020 Lululemon’s Reversible Yoga Mats
Photo via Lululemon’s Facebook

A brand that’s well-loved by many yogis, Lululemon also carries reversible yoga mats that come in eye catching colors like Deep Marine/Utility Blue and Earl Grey/Misty Moss so that you can switch around. Made of polyurethane top and natural rubber, their yoga mats measure 180cm by 66cm, slightly roomier than most.

Order via Lululemon’s website or purchase directly at retail stores located in Ion Orchard and Takashimaya.

11. Decathlon’s Gentle Yoga Mat, S$20

Best Yoga mats in Singapore 2020 Decathlon’s Gentle Yoga Mat
Photo via Decathlon

The IKEA of sports stuff, Decathlon also carries yoga mats in two versions – this gentle yoga mat, S$20 and dynamic studio yoga mat, S$50. The gentle yoga mat is slightly smaller than a regular mat, measuring only 173cm by 61cm. So, if you’re a tall person, this one’s definitely not for you! You don’t want your feet sticking out of your mat during savansana. Made of 100% foamed PVC.

On the other hand, the dynamic version measures 185cm by 65cm and is twice the price of its gentle yoga mat due to the larger size and also because the top sheet is made of natural rubber. One caveat though: you may find sweat marks on the mat as the rubber top is porous. If you don’t mind that, it’s still a grippy choice.

Both mats also come with an elastic grey strap so you can easily roll it up and carry your mat around.

Order online at Decathlon’s website or visit one of their retail outlets to purchase.

12. Brandless yoga mat from Ezbuy, $10

Photo via Ezbuy

If you’re on a budget, this is quite a decent yoga mat option for beginners. This one’s from Ezbuy and it has amassed more than 2,000 reviews! The yoga mat measures 183m long and 80cm wide, so it slightly roomier than your usual 60cm yoga mats. It’s of a regular thickness of 10mm. There’s also a 50% discount happening right now, so it only costs you $6 for the mat and an additional $4 for shipping.

It comes in a variety of vibrant colors too, like deep blue, lime green, pink, purple and black. Order via Ezbuy.

Whatever your budget and criteria for a good yoga mat, we hope this has got you covered! Everyone’s needs are different so make sure you consider what you’re using it for – for example, are you going to be carrying your mat around, or is it just for home-based use? If you have any great yoga mat suggestions that we missed out, feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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